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Blogging for more! magazine

Here is another piece by one of our Third Year Students, Charlotte Jones

Charlotte with her new friends
Another day at the office: Keith Lemon, Charlotte Jones and Alan Carr

Piles of books, plenty of essays and numerous lectures, there was no time for work experience. How wrong I was! Blogging for more! magazine whilst studying a degree is not something I ever imagined doing, but it is possible. Selected from hundreds of applicants to be a blogger for more! I have been regularly writing for them online since June 2011. I came across the position of a mini-blogger through more! magazines website and their Facebook page. The position was to write online during the summer for three months June – August 2011. I managed and worked within tight deadlines, researched internet sources and social networking sites for inspiration to ensure that blogs were topical, original and humorous. This opportunity allowed me to make further contacts and developed active relationships with readers and organisations online. My blogs formed online debates and discussions. They were recognised and complimented by readers, companies and others through regular feedback.
As a result of my blogging over the period of three months, more! asked me to Interview British television personality Keith Lemon (Leigh Francis) for them alongside comedian Alan Carr, which was published online on more! magazine’s Intern blog. This resulted in positive feedback from readers and Keith Lemon himself through twitter. This experience proved to more! I was prepared at short notice and was able to work under pressure. I learnt how to be spontaneous with interview questions and this led to further work when more! commissioned me to represent and report at Essex Fashion Week. This experience has expanded my networks with publicists, models, journalists and fashion designers.
This whole experience has challenged me and given me the confidence I need to graduate this year and hopefully land my dream job in the magazine industry. I learnt that contacts are essential and make yourself stand out from the crowd by being persistent and hardworking. My best advice is to be fearless, as it is no ‘Devil Wears Prada’ the more! team are just lovely.
All my work can be found at: http://undercoveressexgirl.tumblr.com/

By Charlotte Jones studying BA Humanities degree in Journalism, English Literature, Media Cultures and Creative Writing. Third year student.